Eight control points will be established beforehand and coincide with the relay points, in addition to the secret check points. The participant’s number and the time when the point is passed will be noted. The route card must be stamped at all the check points.
If a CP is missed or reached after the maximum time fixed by the organisation, the participant will be disqualified from the event.
Participants receiving outside help away from the check points will be excluded from the event.

Check points:
Pola de Gordón
La Bañeza
Casar de Cáceres

Points will be established on the route, called relay points, where the team member that is participating will hand over the evidence of the relay (on-line monitoring device) to the team member that will continue on the route. The relays will only be allowed at these points and in the area marked as the relay area.

The team member who will be regarded as participating in the event will be the one who carries the relay evidence.

The relay points will coincide with the check points and food and drink stops.

These will coincide with each of the eight check points.

At these life stations, participants with no outside assistance will find the belongings that they choose to send with the organisation.

For this, when they collect their event number, the participants should give the organisation their belongings in a well-closed bag labelled with their information (their number and name of the life station to which they would like their bag to be sent).

A maximum of four bagdrops are allowed per participant.

The organisation will seal each bag and deliver it to the life station, where it will be returned to the participant on identification.

During the route, the participants with no outside assistance can leave in the life stations the belongings they no longer require for the rest of the route and these will be delivered to them at the finish.

The contents of the bags can be certified and identified with photographs on a mobile phone to make the location of these objects easier, bearing in mind the difficulties and limitations during the event.

The life stations will be in enclosures with showers and rest areas to assist participation in the RVP-Non Stop.

The organisation will also establish all the secret check points deemed necessary. These will be perfectly signposted on the route and the participants must have their route card stamped at those points.

These secret check points aim to avoid the participants going off-route.