We cancel the RVP 2020

Tras la expansión del coronavirus a nivel mundial y la incertidumbre que genera la fecha en la que finalmente se levantarán las medidas restrictivas y, sobre todo, en qué medida se podrá recuperar la actividad con normalidad, una vez analizadas todas las circunstancias,

Spain from north to south on mountain bike

The mountain bike sporting event Ruta Via de la Plata Non Stop (RVP Non Stop) will be held from the 3rd to the 7th June in the purest randonneur style.
The Ruta Via de la Plata Non Stop (RVP Non Stop) is one of the longest non- stop cycling events in Spain, nearly 1000 kilometres long from start to finish, with an accumulated height difference of over 12,000 metres.
The Via de la Plata Route is an attractive trip for cyclists.

Registration now open for the MTB event “RVP Non Stop/Eurovelo 1”

The Ruta Via de la Plata – Non Stop/Eurovelo 1 (RVP – Non Stop/Eurovelo 1) is a mountain bike event in the purest randonneur style between Gijón and Seville. In this first version, the event is limited to 500 participants. RVP – Non Stop/Eurovelo 1 forms part of the European initiative Atlantic on Bike and is one of the longest Non-Stop events in Spain.