In order to participate, it is necessary to have insurance covering civil liability and accidents that satisfies the legal requirements for this kind of event. Foreign participants must present a certificate showing that their insurance is valid in Spain together with a copy of their insurance policy.

Registration can be made through the official website for the event: The form must have been completed and the entry fees paid for the registration to be valid.

The entry fee will be 180 euros per participant - past March 31st 225 €-, whatever category they are entering.

When registration is formalised and confirmed in the permanent office, a deposit of 100.00€ must be paid for each monitoring control device. Relay teams will only have one, which the member who is riding in the event must carry. This deposit will be refunded when the device is returned.

The entry fee includes:

- The right to take part in the event.
- Route card
- Ruta Via de la Plata passport
- Electronic monitoring and control device.
- Route tracks
- Eight food and drinks points
- T-shirt commemorating the event
- Commemorative jersey for the first 100 registrations.

RVP-NONSTOP/EUROVELO 1 is open to all cyclists aged 18 years and over.